Sep 16

What is the Wall of Shame?

This is a section for those whom we at The Freedom Paradox believe have caused harm to an individual or the public at large. It is a place to catalog these bad apples and bring it to your attention. If you feel an individual needs should be on this list, CONTACT US HERE!


Name: Leonard Shepulski

Position: Bethlehem Township PD

Corporal Shepulski, badge number 616, has a LONG history of violence and bullying, both on & off the job. In 1992, Leonard was arrested by police in Freemansburg after leading them on a nearly 5-mile chase at speeds exceeding 100 mph while drunk. In 2004, Shepulski was charged after he allegedly assaulted a Nazareth man, a friend of his ex-wife's, inside his home and later threatened to slit her throat. In 2008, he had his ex-wife (and two of her friends) illegally arrested & harassed by his officers. And most recently, Shepulski was filmed assaulting a citizen journalist, threatening to arrest him & daring him to file a report against him. A few days later, Shepulski blinded the same journalist with his car lights and almost ran him over while moving his car to block the journalist's view. He is a bully, plain and simple.




pawlowskiName: Edward Pawlowski
Position: Mayor of Allentown, PA

Pawlowski is at the center of the FBI's investigation into Allentown's contracting practices. Since federal agents raided Allentown City Hall in July 2015, six of his workers have pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to the case, some for offering campaign cash as bribes and others for taking action in response to contributions. All have implicated "Public Official No. 3," court documents show. That official, described as having authority to award contracts and as having run for state office in 2013 and federal office in 2015, can only be Pawlowski. While he has not been officially charged, it's only a matter of time. Until then, he refuses to step down & is using tax dollars to fund his legal campaign.