Sep 16

Package Triggers Bomb Squad in Bethlehem

hotel-bethlehemBETHLEHEM- Bethlehem Police were alerted to a “suspicious package” in front of the Hotel Bethlehem Saturday night, September 24th.  The bomb squad was called at 8PM EST.  The incident happened on the second night of the Celtic Festival.

In addition to the bomb squad, two firetrucks from the Bethlehem Fire Department were on standby at the 500 block of Main Street, one block away from the incident.

According to police, they received a call reporting a suspicions package at 437 Main Street in Bethlehem.  The bomb squad cordoned off the 400 block of Main Street until around 10:15PM when one of the bomb squad members removed the suspicious package.

While Police have not confirmed what was in the item retrieved, unconfirmed reports suggest the item was not a bomb, but rather was simply an item that someone inadvertently left unattended.

It is unclear what made an unattended package suspicious in and of itself.  Police have not provided information.  It is possible that the mere presence of any item, left unattended, especially during an event like Celtic Fest, could trigger a call for the bomb squad to investigate.

Some in  the city complained about the “overreaction” to an unintended package while others welcomed the “caution” of bringing in the bomb squad to investigate the package.

This article originally published on Lehigh Volunteer.

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