Nov 16

Million Mask March Allentown Pennsylvania

The Million Mask March is a worldwide, annual protest associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous occurring annually on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th. The motive for the March varies, but includes some consistent themes prevalent in the Anonymous movement, including: corruption in politics, demilitarization, police violence, and self-governance. Anonymous, originally a group of internet forum […]

Oct 16

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Lawsuit: Allentown Officer Breaks Suspect's Jaw

Allentown Police officers Joseph Iannetta and Patrick Bull, along with former chief Joel Fitzgerald, Allentown’s mayor Ed Pawlowski, & the city itself, have been named in a lawsuit filed on Thursday by Hector Medina-Pena. The suit alleges use of excessive force, failure to properly train officers, turning a blind eye to misconduct & failing to intervene. It also […]

Oct 16

PA Makes Police Video Exempt From Public Records Requests

On Wednesday, 10/19/2016, the PA Senate passed a bill which would exempt recordings from law enforcement’s body cameras and dashboard cameras from public records requests. The bill would make it nearly impossible to obtain footage of police misconduct, or anything that is in the public interest, even if the person requesting it appears in the video. […]

Oct 16

Disassociation Nation Podcast: "Policing the Power"

On October 3rd, 2016, another awesome episode of Disassociation Nation, entitled “Policing the Power,” aired LIVE on FPRN Radio. Niz and Paul were joined by Severin Freeman of the Freedom Paradox. Tonight’s conversation started with a discussion about modern policing. In the B-block tonight, our conversation shifted to Sunday, October 2nd’s presidential “Duh-bate.” After the half-time break, the […]

Oct 16

Bethlehem City Police Violates Public Record Laws

The city of Bethlehem has quite a string of bad press lately. From the Supreme court telling the town that their “law” about casino fees was illegal , to an officer charged for exposing himself , to the most recent revelation. The revelation that the town refuses, even under court order, to release records pertaining to the […]

Oct 16

City of Bethlehem Cop Charged With Public Masturbation

“This is always a sad day for law enforcement when these kinds of things occur.” This was said by Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin during a news conference. The conference was held to announce charges against Glenn Woolard, Badge #413 of the City of Bethlehem’s Police force. Woolard was caught twice exposing himself while off-duty and […]

Oct 16

Freedom Paradox Members Beat State Police in Court

Back in October 2015, I wrote about the illegal arrest of myself, Rick Gonzalez, and Scott Marshall by the Pennsylvania State Police in Lehighton, PA. During this arrest, our camera equipment was confiscated as “evidence” of a crime that was never committed. A few days later, following a call flood from our supporters, I happily wrote […]

Oct 16

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Speaking At Adam Kokesh's tour

As an early activist I watched a lot of Youtube videos. I was not sure of my rights or even what Freedom meant fully but I knew the videos I had seen of veteran activists making a stand was what spoke to me on some level. One of the activists that stood out to me […]

Oct 16

Newly Released Footage Reveals Avoidable Death of Six Year Old

On November 3, 2015, Officer Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Lt. Derrick Stafford fired 18 shots into a vehicle they had been pursuing. Six-year-old Jeremy Mardis was hit five times, and was pronounced dead at the scene. His father, Christopher Few, was wounded, but survived. Just short of a year later, the officers have been charged with second-degree […]

Sep 16

Trenton NJ Police Vs New Jersey Weedman

Trenton Police have always had one of the worst reputations when it comes to allegations of abuse. The Department is no stranger to lawsuits and complaints.  Recently though they have jumped to the center of a lot of people’s attention by targeting a well known, and even loved marijuana activist. Edward Forchion is better known […]