Sep 18

Conviction Rates For Killer Cops Staggeringly Low

Conviction Rates For Killer Cops Staggeringly Low VOAnews recently reported: WASHINGTON —  The conviction of a Dallas police officer this week on charges of killing an unarmed teenager has stood out for its rarity. Roy Oliver, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday for the killing of 15-year-old high school freshman Jordan […]

Aug 18

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Rookie South Whitehall Police Officer Kills Unarmed Man Outside Amusement Park

Rookie South Whitehall Police Officer Kills Unarmed Man Outside Amusement Park The Morning Call Reports: In his final moments, Joseph Santos asked for help even as he frightened a motorist by jumping on her moving car on Hamilton Boulevard. That offense brought him face to face with a rookie South Whitehall Township police officer, whose […]

Sep 17

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Nurse Arrested For Not Drawing Blood From Unconscious Man

Video recently released online depicts a Utah Nurse being arrested for nothing more than doing her job. The Salt Lake Tribune Reports: A nurse says she was assaulted and illegally arrested by a Salt Lake City police detective for following a hospital policy that does not allow blood draws from unconscious patients. Footage from University […]

Aug 17

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Police Dump Water On Neighborhood BBQ

In a stunningly heartless move, police in Harlem, NY have just been caught on video destroying a neighborhood barbecue get together. They accomplished this by dumping water all over the hot coals (while food is on it and children are in line waiting). The video has gone viral with mixed reactions. Somehow there are large […]

Jun 17

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Allentown City Council: "Go Back Where You Came From"

Update: The police supporter has been identified as Janet Keshl. She sent a message to us from THIS Facebook profile threatening a lawsuit for recording her without permission. Someone should let Janet know that running up to a member of the press after a city council meeting while they’re holding a camera leaves you no […]

Feb 17

Former Pennsylvania Cop Given 3 Months For Molestation Charges

This story was originally reported by Joe Dolinski of the Times Leader. WILKES-BARRE — A man who served for two decades as a city police officer was sentenced to three to 24 months in prison Tuesday for sexually assaulting a girl nearly 70 years his junior. Gerald Cookus, 78, of Mayock Street, Wilkes-Barre, admitted to […]

Feb 17

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Update: Police Smash Man's Window

Far too often the world becomes captivated by a viral internet video. The video is seen for a while in every feed and every site. Friends begin discussions with “did you see that…..” and you have a good time laughing or shocking each other with another persons misfortunes. When these videos are in their height […]

Feb 17

Pennsylvania State Police Investigation Reveals Widespread Violations

Anyone who follows this page knows that we have come face to face with the corruption and cover-ups that occur within the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police. In fact we have an open lawsuit against the against an entire barracks for widespread violations of constitutional rights. It would appear that the agency is in […]

Nov 16

New Jersey Police Assault Man In Bunny Costume

Hopatcong, NJ On November 17th at 7:00 pm a live stream began on Facebook. The star of the video, known on Facebook as “Otis Spunkmeyer”, is Kevin Hemmerich. The video is being streamed by his brother Jason Hemmerich from the Facebook profile “Raymundo Thunk”. The video is instantly entertaining because Kevin is in a bunny […]

Sep 16

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Freedom Paradox Founder Takes A Police Chief To School

  Recently we shared the story-  Freedom Paradox Founder Crushes A Checkpoint I promised to take a film crew to the police department to hold the officers accountable for refusing to identify themselves at the checkpoint and threatening to tow my car if I didn’t leave. When I arrived at the station I was instantly […]