Oct 16

The REAL Reason Kathleen Kane Went to Jail

Government policed itself, you might be saying, after this news broke this afternoon.  But, did it police itself, or did it protect itself from a reckless newcomer.  Here is the gist of the news that just broke this afternoon: PHILADELPHIA-  Kathleen Kane, the former Attorney General of PA, and once rising star of the Democrat […]

Oct 16

Scranton Residents Gathering Signatures to Force City to Declare Bankruptcy

In a bid to end the cronyism rife in Scranton through city hall, one man has come up with a way to try to force the city to cut itself off from the bounty it’s using to pay off the friends and family of the council.   Paul Gordon Gary St. Fleur has had enough […]

Sep 16

Cops Profit off Gambling Profit in Northampton County

NORTHAMPTON COUNTY-  Northampton County Police are the beneficiaries of over $188,000 in gambling money from the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem PA.  This follows a round in April that approached $1 million.  This is legalized graft, plain and simple, and it creates an unholy alliance between the Sands and the police, with you, the “taxpayer” […]