Aug 17

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Police Dump Water On Neighborhood BBQ

In a stunningly heartless move, police in Harlem, NY have just been caught on video destroying a neighborhood barbecue get together. They accomplished this by dumping water all over the hot coals (while food is on it and children are in line waiting). The video has gone viral with mixed reactions. Somehow there are large […]

Oct 16

The REAL Reason Kathleen Kane Went to Jail

Government policed itself, you might be saying, after this news broke this afternoon.  But, did it police itself, or did it protect itself from a reckless newcomer.  Here is the gist of the news that just broke this afternoon: PHILADELPHIA-  Kathleen Kane, the former Attorney General of PA, and once rising star of the Democrat […]

Sep 16

Settlement Reached in Sandra Bland Case

On July 10, 2015, Sandra Bland was stopped for failing to signal a lane change in Waller County, TX. She was arrested and taken to a Waller County jail. Three days after Bland was booked into jail, her body was found hanging in her cell. Authorities ruled Bland’s death a suicide, but her family cast doubt, saying she […]

Sep 16

29 Pennsylvania State Police Cadets Caught Cheating

This story was originally reported by Marc Levy of the Associated Press. HARRISBURG, Pa. —An investigation into cheating at the Pennsylvania State Police academy has effectively forced out 29 cadets, the force’s commander said Wednesday, just three weeks before the class is scheduled to graduate. Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Tyree Blocker gave only a few […]

Sep 16

Final Charges Dismissed For Cop That Shot "Sugar" The Cat

The headline says it all, but I suppose for the sake of a blog post I will say more. Back in May, I reported that the district attorney for the case involving Sugar the Cat, decided that no criminal charges were needed for the officer. The DA, in his endless wisdom, instead decided a citation […]