Sep 16

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Allentown Police Show That Change Is Not Coming

UPDATE: The officer in the bottom video has been identified as officer Mike Beidelman of Allentown police department(pictured below). Since publishing this information on our Facebook page, We have been receiving death threats from Mr.Beidleman’s Daughter. NO not a re-run, or re-post, or even a re-hash article. Allentown police department has actually done new wrongs! It’s […]

Sep 16

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Cop With A Long History Of Abuse Bullies Citizen Journalist

At 9:53pm on June 2, 2016, Rick Gonzalez and Severin Freeman were filming a traffic stop in Bethlehem Township. Rick was filming while standing off the the side of a police vehicle when Corporal Leonard Shepulski Jr. (Badge Number 616) exited the vehicle & approached Rick claiming he didn’t want him filming over his right shoulder (Rick […]

Oct 15

Illegal Arrest For Journalists

UPDATE: We Got our equipment back and have released the footage of the arrest. To read the full update as well as see the video click HERE. Lehighton, PA It was a quiet afternoon of filming police for fellow Freedom Paradox members, Rick Gonzalez, and I. We had met up with Scott Marshall from the […]