Oct 16

The REAL Reason Kathleen Kane Went to Jail

Government policed itself, you might be saying, after this news broke this afternoon.  But, did it police itself, or did it protect itself from a reckless newcomer.  Here is the gist of the news that just broke this afternoon: PHILADELPHIA-  Kathleen Kane, the former Attorney General of PA, and once rising star of the Democrat […]

Oct 16

Disassociation Nation Podcast: "Policing the Power"

On October 3rd, 2016, another awesome episode of Disassociation Nation, entitled “Policing the Power,” aired LIVE on FPRN Radio. Niz and Paul were joined by Severin Freeman of the Freedom Paradox. Tonight’s conversation started with a discussion about modern policing. In the B-block tonight, our conversation shifted to Sunday, October 2nd’s presidential “Duh-bate.” After the half-time break, the […]