Oct 18

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Crashing A Pro-Police Rally

Crashing A Pro-Police Rally Several weeks ago, The Freedom Paradox broke the story of a rookie South Whitehall Police Officer whom had shot and killed an unarmed man outside an amusement park.  In response to that incident, protests broke out on both sides. Understandably, the family of the victim were joined by members of the […]

Aug 18

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People Nick Sibilla of Forbes recently reported:  In a colorful decision that managed to invoke the Boston Tea Party, Lady Macbeth and Jesus of Nazareth, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruledon Wednesday that feeding the homeless is “expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.” The […]

Sep 17

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First Amendment Audit Northampton County Courthouse

As members of The Freedom Paradox we often demonstrate our rights in action while filming. One of our fundamental rights today is our right to film. It is universal across the country. Not only is it a right, it is also essential in the world today for protection. Cases of Government run wild are happening […]

Jul 17

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Updated: Judge Orders Peaceful Man Stunned

In July 2014, Judge Robert C. Nalley robbed a man of his rights by having him stunned for speaking out of turn. The update by the Associated Press reveals that this is not the first time the Judge lost his cool in the court. In fact he went as far as letting the air out of […]

Dec 16

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Police Give Back Stolen Marijuana

On 12/2/16 I received a live stream alert from Edward Grimes aka Lefty. He was at the Bayonne police department in New Jersey. Over the last few years New Jersey has had to make a major adjustment in their tactics. The legalization of medical marijuana has led to departments filled with staff members that are […]

Nov 16

New Jersey Police Assault Man In Bunny Costume

Hopatcong, NJ On November 17th at 7:00 pm a live stream began on Facebook. The star of the video, known on Facebook as “Otis Spunkmeyer”, is Kevin Hemmerich. The video is being streamed by his brother Jason Hemmerich from the Facebook profile “Raymundo Thunk”. The video is instantly entertaining because Kevin is in a bunny […]

Nov 16

Million Mask March Allentown Pennsylvania

The Million Mask March is a worldwide, annual protest associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous occurring annually on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th. The motive for the March varies, but includes some consistent themes prevalent in the Anonymous movement, including: corruption in politics, demilitarization, police violence, and self-governance. Anonymous, originally a group of internet forum […]

Nov 16

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Man Gets Arrested For Paying Fine In Pennies

Paying a fine in pennies as a form of protest has become quite popular. Ever since the monster internet video staring activist Brett Sanders, some have even declared a penny revolution is on the horizon. Some people have also come out against this form of protest. By bringing the topic into the mainstream media, it […]

Oct 16

Bethlehem City Police Violates Public Record Laws

The city of Bethlehem has quite a string of bad press lately. From the Supreme court telling the town that their “law” about casino fees was illegal , to an officer charged for exposing himself , to the most recent revelation. The revelation that the town refuses, even under court order, to release records pertaining to the […]

Oct 16

Freedom Paradox Members Beat State Police in Court

Back in October 2015, I wrote about the illegal arrest of myself, Rick Gonzalez, and Scott Marshall by the Pennsylvania State Police in Lehighton, PA. During this arrest, our camera equipment was confiscated as “evidence” of a crime that was never committed. A few days later, following a call flood from our supporters, I happily wrote […]