Nov 16

New Jersey Police Assault Man In Bunny Costume

Hopatcong, NJ

On November 17th at 7:00 pm a live stream began on Facebook. The star of the video, known on Facebook as "Otis Spunkmeyer", is Kevin Hemmerich. The video is being streamed by his brother Jason Hemmerich from the Facebook profile "Raymundo Thunk".

The video is instantly entertaining because Kevin is in a bunny suit equipped large pink ears and all. Kevin also has an air horn.

The humor started when Kevin was told he would have to turn himself in for a violation of his SLAP probation.

S.L.A.P. is a program in New Jersey. It is actually called the Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program. This is a community-based corrections program that provides a structured alternative to imprisonment. People sentenced to SLAP perform moderate levels of manual labor instead of sitting in a jail cell.

So this program provides free manual labor for the state of NJ. People are given the choice to provide slave labor or sit in jail. The crimes that fit the program are not crimes at all. To qualify you have to have no victim. Meaning it has to be a simple non violent garbage charge in the first place.

Kevin decided if they were gonna lock him up for nothing he would at least have fun with it. Equipped with a bunny suit and a bullhorn he walked straight into the police department. His brother was following quietly with the camera.

Kevin walked up to the window and blew the air horn several times. He announced he was here to turn himself in. The woman was not amused. She yelled at him to stop it with the air horn. Kevin did not. He hit the button many more times over the next few minutes while he waited for officers to come take him to jail.

The mood changes when they see a police car come in fast from outside. The car was occupied by Officer Nick Maresca and his partner Officer Chris Lottito.

Nick Maresca was the first through the door. Kevin placed the air horn down and put his hands out to show he was no threat. Maresca immediately says "Who's blowing the f***** air horn?! " Kevin says "Me". Officer Maresca says "Why the F**** are you doing that?" Kevin responds "I don't know." That is when the officer slams him against the wall and punches him in the face while yelling "You don't F**ing know?!"

Kevin's brother quickly alerts the cops they are on camera. The cop says "I don't care about that". That's when Maresca grabbed Kevin and physically threw him into the back room. Maresca's partner, Chris Lottito went after Jason demanding to know why he was there. When Jason informed him he was there so his brother could turn himself in he was immediately pushed physically outside.

Kevin currently sits in the Sussex county jail on his original sentence of 12 days for violating the rules of the slave labor program.

He is now also facing charges of harassment, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The person filming this whole thing was called to the police station 2 hours after leaving. He was told he had to come to pick up paperwork for his brother. When he arrived he was ALSO taken into custody. He was forced into the back and photographed. They then handed him a stack of charges.

The police claim that the person filming the encounter is guilty of harassment of the police. They also claim that he is guilty of disorderly conduct.

The last I checked filming is not a crime. Last I checked we are all responsible for our actions. You can not be charged with harassing an on duty official. Otherwise every cop would arrest every cop watcher every day.

I called the department myself and spoke with the desk Sargent. He informed me that there is an open investigation into the incident and the department can not comment further. I asked if the officer was on duty still. Again  I was told "no comment" and was hung up on.

Once again the state of New Jersey has shown that its police play by their own rules. We see what happened to Trenton NJ after doing similar to a man there. The tax payers will be paying for years to come on that case.

If you wish to speak with the department about their misdeeds you can do so at the links below.

Phone 973-398-5000


CHIEF OF POLICE  bbrennan@hopatcongpolice.org

Officer Chris lotito (on scene partner) Clotito@hopatcongpolice.org

Officer Nick Maresca (cop that punched man) nmaresca@hopatcongpolice.org


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