May 18

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What is LIT?

LIT is a documentary produced and directed by Allentown, PA resident, Michael A. Frassetto. LIT features in-depth conversations with supporters of cannabis decriminalization from not only the perspective of local citizens, but local & state officials as well. It premiered on 4/20/18 at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the film. Severin Freeman, founder of The Freedom Paradox, was honored to be a part of this project.

Allentown city council is discussing the passing of a decriminalization ordinance on MAY 2nd at 7 PM. If you support decriminalization or legalization, please be there to show your support! The more people that attend, the more voices that will be heard.

Also, Bethlehem is bringing up the decriminalization ordinance again on MAY 22nd at 6 PM. Once again, please be there to show your support! Make your voice heard!


Edited By: George W. Fladeland
Produced and Directed by: Michael A. Frassetto


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Severin Freeman has been involved in activism for several years. He believes that all people should be treated totally equal and that no one has a higher claim to us or our freedom, than ourselves. He has played a role in the founding and growth of many activist groups across the Lehigh Valley area. His mission has become to expose those that would threaten our freedom and natural liberties.