Oct 16

Full Auto Podcast: "That's Not a Gun, That's My Finger"

Welcome to Full Auto with Dimitri and Paul, your home for Self-Defense and Self-Preservation since 2016. The date is October 11th, 2016 and you’re listening to the episode, “That’s not my Finger, That’s a Gun”

On this show, Blast from the Past covers the first gun control legislation in America to stick, New York’s Sullivan Act of 1911, in “Sullivan Act Protects Legal Gangs from Illegal Gangs.”

TacTec covers how to survive an encounter with a cop who might not care that much about your liberty in “Surviving Fallujah Cops.”

Finally, in our Happy Ending this week, we highlight the story of a clown, a gun, and a woman who wasn’t gonna take it no more in “Don’t Clown with Me.”


Listen to "That's Not a Gun, That's My Finger" on Spreaker.

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Paul Gordon is the publisher and editor of Lehigh Valley Volunteer. He is also the business manager and content manager for the Tioga Freedomist. You can find his work at stateofwake.com. He hosts multiple podcasts, including Disassociation Nation and Full Auto. He has been professionally writing and editing since 1992. He currently runs the Lehigh Volunteer and the Tioga Freedomist, and State of Wake.