Oct 16

Freedom Paradox Members Beat State Police in Court

Back in October 2015, I wrote about the illegal arrest of myself, Rick Gonzalez, and Scott Marshall by the Pennsylvania State Police in Lehighton, PA. During this arrest, our camera equipment was confiscated as "evidence" of a crime that was never committed. A few days later, following a call flood from our supporters, I happily wrote an update that our property was returned.

A few months later, in January 2016, we reported that despite a subpoena for the footage, the PA State Police refused to hand over video surveillance of our arrest.

It's now been a year since our fight began, and I've been asked what's been happening with the whole thing. We realized that although we made a video about the court date, we never wrote an official update. So, this is update #4.

On March 2016, we appeared in court to fight against our charges. We won! The charges were dismissed by the Judge; stating that there was no evidence to support that a crime had been committed, and thus our charges and arrest were unwarranted.

About four months later, in July 2016, our lawyers officially filed our lawsuit against the PA State Police, and specifically the arresting officer, for violations to our first, fourth, and fifth amendment rights. To read the full lawsuit document: Click Here

Not much has happened since. We are currently awaiting a court date to be scheduled- which we were informed could take another year or so. The PA State Police has not answered the lawsuit yet, so it's all just a waiting game from here until we see our day in court.

In the meantime, instead of hindering our efforts, the arrest reminded us why we do what we do. We have since doubled our efforts in spreading the knowledge of the corrupt police state we live in. We have launched several radio shows, started this website, & will continue to film our encounters with local and state officials. Those found to be in violation will be held accountable to public opinion.

When it's all said and done, we got involved in this knowing that the state is corrupt and our freedom could be the casualty of this war. Rather than deter us or make us fearful, our resolve has never been stronger.


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Severin Freeman has been involved in activism for several years. He believes that all people should be treated totally equal and that no one has a higher claim to us or our freedom, than ourselves. He has played a role in the founding and growth of many activist groups across the Lehigh Valley area. His mission has become to expose those that would threaten our freedom and natural liberties.