Oct 16

Disassociation Nation Podcast: "Policing the Power"

On October 3rd, 2016, another awesome episode of Disassociation Nation, entitled "Policing the Power," aired LIVE on FPRN Radio. Niz and Paul were joined by Severin Freeman of the Freedom Paradox. Tonight's conversation started with a discussion about modern policing. In the B-block tonight, our conversation shifted to Sunday, October 2nd's presidential “Duh-bate.” After the half-time break, the guys discussed the stop and frisk policy. Finally, the show wraps up with Severin telling us about his recent escapades with the Bethlehem Police Department.


Click Here to watch tonight's episode

**Disassociation Nation airs LIVE on FPRN Radio every Monday night from 8pm-10pm EST**

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Paul Gordon is the publisher and editor of Lehigh Valley Volunteer. He is also the business manager and content manager for the Tioga Freedomist. You can find his work at stateofwake.com. He hosts multiple podcasts, including Disassociation Nation and Full Auto. He has been professionally writing and editing since 1992. He currently runs the Lehigh Volunteer and the Tioga Freedomist, and State of Wake.