May 17

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Cop Pulls Taser On Man For Asking Questions

On May 10th, 2017, an incident involving Officer John Miller of North Enid Police Department was made public via their own Facebook page.

The department released a 12 minute video taken from a body cam worn by the officer. In the heavily redacted video (less than six minutes of audio and video), Officer Miller approaches a car pulled over on a rural road. Inside the vehicle is a female driver. She is conversing with physical therapist Gary Duckworth, who was outside his home mowing the lawn.

They seem friendly enough. Looking more surprised to see a car let alone a cop. Reminds me of back mountain roads where traffic really is not a factor. In fact during the entire 12 minute video not a single car can be seen passing the couple. Nevertheless that did not stop the officer from informing the woman that she was in a no parking zone and would be receiving a ticket.

The woman handed her information over without resisting and the officer went to his car to write a ticket. The man, visibly irritated informs the officer that it was his home that he owned that she stopped in front of. The officer tells him to stay back and finishes his paperwork.

After almost 6 minutes of redacted blacked out video we get to the officer getting out of his car and re-approaching the woman's vehicle. Both the woman and the man try to explain that she's not parked and the vehicle is running. The officer dismisses them immediately and tells them they can take it up with the court.

The homeowner then asked the officer why he thinks a vehicle running is parked and why he won't give a simple warning. The officer tells the man that it's none of his business and to stay out of it. At that point the man gets angry and says this is all occurring on his property and he is the one that pays the officer salary with his taxes. He asks the officer how is this serving and protecting?

The officer disregards the man and begins to walk back to his car. The man tells the officer to hold on and insists that the officer answer his questions.

In a shocking move of overreaction and intimidation the officer then pulls his taser and threatens the man if he takes another step toward him. He tells the homeowner to stay back until he leaves.

The man showing great courage in the face of a taser continues to insist that the officer not leave and that he answer questions. The officer answered "I'm done here" and takes off.

This is yet another example of why the public is losing trust in the police all across the country.

The department is backing the officers actions and insists he is justified. They are so confident of the officers decisions that they released the body cam footage on their own Facebook page in an attempt to appease the public.

The plan backfired and the public flooded their wall with negative comments relating to the officers choices. After less than 24 hours the video was pulled and the department's Facebook page unpublished from the public.

We edited the video to cut all of the blank screen and dead audio spots. to see the full video as it was released click--> HERE

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Severin Freeman has been involved in activism for several years. He believes that all people should be treated totally equal and that no one has a higher claim to us or our freedom, than ourselves. He has played a role in the founding and growth of many activist groups across the Lehigh Valley area. His mission has become to expose those that would threaten our freedom and natural liberties.
  • Ben Streck

    You've got a picture of an Enid Police car. Wrong town. North Enid is its own township. They just didn't come up with a more original name. A little fact check goes a long way.
    I don't see why people can't see that both of these guys probably "could have" acted a little different. Mr Duckworth could have approached the officer more respectfully and not interupted the exchange between officer and driver. Officer could have more politely asked him to wait until he was finished, and he would speak with him. Key phrase, "could have". That didn't happen. Both egos got flared, learn from it and move on. Quit making a mountain of a mole hill.

    • Jamie

      There is no reason to treat someone with respect when they are abusing their authority against your friend. The policeman had no reason at all to issue a ticket. The car was not even parked and was not causing any obstruction. He should have just asked her to move. If he acts like a thug it is wrong to respect him. The officer should not be above the law and should be treated exactly as the man would be if the man had drawn a weapon on the policeman. There was no threat from the man, the thug in uniform was the only threat. The only thing to learn is that the US is a police state.

      • rust

        notice that Ossifer Safely parked his vehicle on the WRONG SIDE of the road?

        • Crenshaw Pete

          DING DING DING--We have a Winnah!!

          • rust

            and the CHICKEN DINNER goes to me!

    • coloneljames

      Quit being a cop sucking, badge bunny and defending actions, you know yourself, wouldn't put up with if you were those people...SMH

  • TheDoorBell

    I've always been pro cop but this cop and video posting did ZERO to improve relations with the community. Some/many will watch this video and grow resentful towards the police. Isn't there enough nut cases out there killing good cops? The only accomplishment here is a cops over sized ego was satisfied and the world probably gained another nut case cop killer.

    • coloneljames

      ...or the "world" gets to see first hand how your "good cops" actually treat tax payers and working folk. That ticket will probably cost half her weeks paycheck.

      Furthermore, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT this situation created "another nut case cop killer." The only sane people in the video were the ones that were unarmed...SMH

  • Mike Hicks

    Cop should be fired for treating this man with pulling a tazer out on him. He only asked a question and was not a treat at all wow. I hope cop is sued.and fired,this kind of cop don't need to be on.the streets of America...

  • Steve Stifler

    Cops are such pussies. They pull a gun or a tazer claiming they feel threatened and all their moves after that are continually justified in court. If you use that logic, if a citizen feel threatened when a cop pulls up they should be able to use force too. Pussy cop needs to find another job....

  • James T Simmons

    this cop going to kill some one for nothing then they say it was justified because he was scared for he life that get away with murder ever day then if they going to get fired they resign so they get all there pensions the justice system all messed up and there for the cops that way lot cops love to kill someone they know they get away with it and they dont care if they get su the ppl pay for it not the cops make them accountable for there actions they stop a lot BS real fast

  • James T Simmons

    this cop going to kill some one for nothing then they say it was justified because he was scared for he life that how they get away with murder every time then if they going to get fired they resign so they get all there pensions the justice system all messed up and there for the cops that way lot cops love to kill someone they know they get away with it and they dont care if they get sue the ppl tax money pay for it not the cops make them accountable for there actions they stop a lot BS real fast

    • coloneljames

      You're exactly right James. "I feared for my life," is NOW the excuse able to be used in nearly every situation involving cops shooting (either with guns or tasers) unarmed "suspects" that poses zero threat to them.

  • RECO

    Drawing his taser like that is paramount to drawing his side arm. he just menaced civilian and should draw a suspension and be trained in use of force or be terminated

  • William Sonnett

    Two people enjoying a friendly conversation and bothering no one. I'd be a lot more impressed if the cop was looking for drug dealers. Totally unnecessary, friendly warning with a smile was warranted at best.

    • David Veilleux

      That would require sanity and intelligence.

  • ipaxton

    the guy approached the officer in a threatening manner he had every right to draw his taser.

    • rust

      Copsucking copologist


      nice attempt at trolling

    • Crenshaw Pete

      How do you approach in an "non-threatening" manner? On your knees? Head bowed, and arms outstretched, to show obeisance? You sound like a coward with that comment.

      Maybe someone will treat you the way the officer treated this man when you approach them. Is that what it will take to change your tune? Or, maybe you think you're special, and this would never happen to you?

    • coloneljames

      Badge bunny, cop sucker...

      • Frank

        Name calling? Really? Lol smh.

        • coloneljames

          Yep...now a name for you - TROLL!!!

          • Frank

            Poor you

    • Don B

      Like hell. Let's put you in this SAME exact situation and we'll see how well you do.

  • Anthony Cook

    An officer's 1st duty in ANY confrontation is to attempt to DE-ESCLATE the situation. This officer obviously has no clue what he is doing and has absolutely NO BUSINESS in any position of authority whatsoever. The fact that the department has defended his actions tells me that they obviously have no concern for the public or public perception of his department. If I was an elected official in OK, I would immediately put this department under full investigation and the first piece of business would be to put this idiot on desk duty with no badge and no weapon... By the way, I have a degrees criminal justice, criminology, and political science (all bachelors' degrees) AND I have an immediate relative who is a deputy sheriff of 26 years who has been shot in the line of duty (by a multiple time convicted felon).

  • Daemon Calibos

    I lived in Enid for many years and I can tell you the cops there, with a few notable exceptions, act like mini-gestapo.

  • kditty

    Hardly anything sucks worse than some stranger coming into an unknown situation acting like a bad ass, handing you a ticket that for a lot of Americans is over half of what they make in a week, and refusing to explain what is happening, simply because 'he isn't the judge'. No, you're not the judge, but to see the judge and plea your case, they make nearly impossible and way too expensive, so cops should have to explain what the hell is going on a bit better.

    This is a direct result of the blue lives matter bullshit, these cops posted this on Facebook expecting 100% cooperation from the cop suckers and couldn't handle the outcome, their egos are so inflated on tax payer dollars and extorted fees from otherwise law abiding citizens who have made a momentary lapse of judgment: speeding up to beat a yellow light, hitting a 25mph zone fifty feet past where the 45mph zone ends, stopping at a stop sign for 2 seconds instead of 3, none of these things are worthy of a 200 dollar ticket, but try telling that shit to a judge, because these honorable cops aint trying to hear your punk civilian ass explain that you have kids and make 300 dollars a week, and simply can't afford to pay a 190 dollar ticket for doing 38 in a 25.

    • coloneljames

      You're exactly right. I don't even think the "badge bunnies" could stand up for this P.O.S. pig...hanging paper on working folks. What a dirty scumbag. And the cop suckers STILL WONDER why cops are hated in this country...SMH

      • Frank

        The guilty by association outlook is childish and ignorant. One bad cop doesn't make every cop bad. It amazes me how people can watch this video and then go back to acting like hating all cops is justified. Such a joke. This cop was clearly in the wrong. How that equates to all cops being bad is beyond me. To much ignorance

        • Don B

          You are judged by the company you keep. Ever heard of it before? If you haven't, then you have now. All it takes is for one bad cop to be the face and the reflection of the entire damned force.

          • Frank

            Sorry I'm not stupid enough to say all cops are bad because of the few dirty ones. You keep at it tho.

          • coloneljames

            Actually you ARE stupid enough to say it. Whether you did or not...who gives a shit?

          • Frank

            Um, huh? Stuck in your own little cowardly world there Jim? Haha. Unreal how pathetic some people are

          • coloneljames

            No...I'm not "stuck" anywhere. The fact that I've countered everything you've said with facts while you keep spouting fantasies...that lets us know who is really in fantasy land...YOU!!!

          • Frank

            Sorry mr coward but since when is opinion a fact? Lol. Stupidity at its best. Wow you are to far lost. All your doing is giving your lame uneducated, ignorant, and childish opinion. Good for you. But now run along and leave the debates to adults ok little coward? Bye bye you lose

          • coloneljames

            You keep calling me a coward and you're the only one that advocates sucking an authority figures dick....because they're big and strong and little Frankie is stupid and weak...that's what being a coward is Frankie...sucking up to authority figures, not telling them to got fuck themselves when they're in the wrong...like I'm going to do to you. GO FUCK YOURSELF...Lil Frankie!

          • Frank

            Who's sucking up? Please don't tell me you are that stupid. I guess you really are. Just keep crying you cowardly little bitch boy. Show me a comment where I said that this was right. I'm just not stupid enough to call all cops bad over the mistakes of a few. If you want to be that fucking ignorant than go for it. That's on you. And not my problem when you want to act like bitch to a cop and get tased. And so weird how you immediately go to sucking a dick. That's very telling of your character there jimmy. Sounds like somebody needs to come out of the closet. Have fun with that coward. Just another pathetic coward online pretending to be somebody that he's not. Anybody who says that commenting and trying to talk shit online is their "fun" hahaha. Can't help you there coward. Just so pathetic. Hold this L. You lose again

          • Don B

            All it takes is one frank. One. and no matter who you are or where you're from, that one will color your outlook.

        • coloneljames

          The only thing "childish and ignorant" is baptizing yourself in the statist notion that authority figures have our best interest at heart and they do the job they do because they want to serve. I hate to break it to you...thankfully with today's technology, we NOW know, that simply isn't true. When the "good" protect the "bad," they cease being good. Thinking otherwise, like you, is a level of ignorance I'm thankful I won't reach.

          Hating all cops is NEVER justified, which is why I don't. But excusing bad behavior THAT YOU KNOW IS WRONG, under the B.S. guise that they automatically deserve our respect and obedience...well thats just childish and ignorant.

          • Frank

            You said wonder why all cops are hated. You are ignorant af and are far to stupid to even see the hypocracy in your own statement. And when did I excuse bad behavior? I feel sorry for people like you. Just another clueless idiot plaguing our society. Good for you.

          • coloneljames

            I never said ALL cops are hated you dumbass, fucktwat...so my statement isn't hypocritical. What IS hypocritical is thinking I'm the one plaguing society when you don't have the first clue about the REAL world, since you're stuck inside an isolated TV script bubble and receive all your information from like minded echo chambers...

            In other words, you're a clueless idiot.

          • Frank

            Typical clueless hypocrite. Run along. You lose

          • coloneljames

            "You lose"...very telling. LOL! Your insecurity is showing...

          • Frank

            Yup. You lose coward. Bye bye. Typical cowards. Love to embarrass yourself in a public forum because you lack to mental capacity for any real knowledge. Ok little coward jim all cops are bad lol go cry some more cry baby coward. Keep crying. You lose bwhahahahaha

          • coloneljames

            "You lose coward. Bye bye," You sound like a school girl on the playground that no one likes to play with. I'm having fun fucking with you now...I'm not going anywhere.

          • Frank

            This is your fun? Wow you really are just that pathetic aren't you hahaha. You just clowned yourself by saying that this is your fun. How fucking sad and pathetic is that? And all because you wanted to throw a cowardly little fit about cops. Typical little bitch boy. Run along and hold this L. You lose. Just beyond pathetic at this point.

          • Frank

            Curious who you will call if your house gets broken into. Or if you are robbed. And before you cry and whine like a 5 year old little girl, that was a serious question

          • coloneljames

            If someone was breaking into my house and I caught them in the act of doing so, I would loudly and suggestively express to those perps my love and affection of our beloved 2nd Amendment. If someone burglarized the place while I wasn't there, of course I'd HAVE to call the police. But not to investigate, since they rarely do that anymore. But to file a police report for my insurance carrier.

            I wouldn't cry and whine like a 5 year old little girl. It's no surprise though why you would think that. I'm sure you see your mother crying plenty...every time you come upstairs to have dinner with her and her brother. You know...your uncle/daddy.

          • Frank

            Lame. Keep trying. And 2nd amedement? Lol. Ok. Let's be real you are to much of a coward. Anyway take care

          • coloneljames

            So you don't believe in the 2nd Amendment? I guess I could understand that coming from a statist like yourself.

          • Frank

            I do believe in it. Where did I say I don't? Or are you just really that much of an idiot? My point was the YOU are much to cowardly to know how to use any weapon to protect yourself. You are just the typical coward who pretends to be something more. You would run and hide and call the police to come save you. You talk about facts, that right there is fact. You have proven your cowardice by your lame comments. Run along now little kid lol. You lose

          • coloneljames

            "You lose?"
            Dumbass, just because you say it, doesn't make it so. Kind of like when you were a kid and you were bullied because your parents are really brother and sister and you used to tell the other kids teasing you about it..."that ain't true!" LMFAO!!!

            And I know you THINK you're a winner with those two "Participation Trophies" you got from tee-ball, but just because it looks like you won something, doesn't make it so.

            And THAT ladies and gentlemen IS A BURN!!! This is too easy.

          • Frank

            You lose. Bwahaha. Did you just say burn? Run along old man. You lose. Bye bye. Hold this L

          • Frank

            Also your article history? You are one fucking weirdo. Comments on child porn or whatever else the fuck you are into. Article and commmenting about "hot instagram girl". Your whole history is article about girls in some way or another. Can't believe I even entertained a debate with such a freak. I'm done here. And can only hope your neighbors kids are safe. Unreal. Hold this L first. Bye bye

        • Alex Trosch

          I thought somebody stated the department backed him up............

          • Frank

            What's your point? That still makes the 10s of thousands of police in this country bad then? Because a handful are bad/corrupt?

  • harleyxx

    This cop is clearly a worthless POS. His rudeness and threatening actions with the public are a direct reflection of his department and his supervisor. It's the actions and conduct of cops like this that have caused the vast majority of the public to lose respect for LEO's. Growing up I was taught to have respect for cops. "Officer Friendly" came to our school and told the kids that you can always trust the cops to help you.....I have told my kids that there is no such thing as "Officer Friendly" and to never trust the police. I told my kids that the best defense they have against these, "bullies with badges" is to record every interaction they have with them.

    • Texasooner

      We all are aware of a cop or two who has the "power" kinda go to his head. In a small town like Enid, I think they would want to go through their city government and let it be known that this is an example of how they DON'T want their laws enforced...he could have politely reminded the lady that this was a no "Parking" zone but she was fine sitting in the car with it running and in gear while she chatted with her neighbor. The man is right...the cops work for the citizens...let your City Manager/Police Chief know you want officers trained to handle these situations better, friendlier and with a subtle caution....not in such an authoritative manner.

  • Goerlitz

    Orders from the police must be obeyed and not questioned at all times. Failure to do so creates anarchy.

    • Don B

      Like hell. Question authority. At every junction and every instance.

      • Texasooner

        Well, he can't get in the cops face, which he did not...he gave the guy plenty of room to go about his task....but he certainly doesn't have to keep quiet. And he was certainly withing his rights to engage the officer in a conversation about his actions. Enid, OK is not exactly a hotbed of political unrest....and I would guess they expect a little more courtesy from their cops. I truly hope they will get together and go to the top of the city government structure and voice their displeasure with the way this officer discharged his duties. The man is right...it is there city...let your hired representatives know how you want your laws enforced...I'm guessing you would expect the cop to drive by, roll down his window and remind her not to park in that spot but as long as she was sitting in the car with it running and in gear talking to her neighbor, she was fine....and thank her for her cooperation. No need at all for him to be such a hard ass.

        • Don B

          As a matter of fact Texasooner, I would expect him to roll on by with a polite reminder. After all, having a conversation on a side street isn't all that much different than coming across two farmers on a dirt road having a conversation now is it ? Hired representatives? No. Voted in maybe, but damn sure not "hired". To even bring it to the forefront of the local reps would , in most cases lately only bring with it a screaming match in any city hall. In case you've forgotten, there seems to be a helluva lot of police shootings on UN-armed citizens lately. Most of which aren't even remotely justified. Now I know you have open carry there , the same as we do here . But I have to openly ask the question, in the event that the homeowner had been armed, how well this entire incident would have gone ??

          Not to damn well I can promise you that.

          • Texasooner

            I will disagree a bit. Sheriffs are elected but Police Chiefs are hired by your mayor or city manager depending on how your municipal government is structured. So go to he who made the decision....but go in force. Using this tape as a point of discussion have a very frank conversation about how you, the citizens want you laws enforced. Do you want someone written a ticket for jay walking? When your cop meets someone doing 33 in a 30 do want him pulled over or maybe just motioning with your hand to slow it down a little? I grew up in a small Oklahoma town and most minor infractions were dealt with in these fashions. A wave to Mr. Citizen and telling him he was a little far from the curb with his parking job, could you do a little better next time was always better than whipping out the ticket book and writing him for being 14" away instead of 12". I think we both do agree though, the officer was way over the top in how he handled the situation. If he is such a pussy that he felt this middle age white homeowner out mowing his lawn was such a threat that he needed to pull his taser, I'm not sure he's in the right line of work. And his judgement on how he handled the incident was flawed from top to bottom. Boomer Sooner.

          • Don B

            What you've presented , in terms of examples of how things used to be is in effect, the way things use to be. This is now the new normal. More people, more social issues being raised to the forefront and more incidents resulting in in-armed white or black American citizens dying at the hands of a cop . I've heard all the arguments both pro and con. I've seen and felt the anger on both sides of the line.
            Having had the misfortune of residing in your region of the world for a while, I found that the local cops along with the state troopers had and still do have a very negative attitude towards the very people they are sworn to protect. That's not a good indicator for times ahead.
            In my region of the world? Those police chief are appointed , ( hired as you called it ) and sheriff's are elected. Not hired.

            A white, middle aged, physical therapist , presented zero problem and yet, the cop, pig in my book, aimed his Taser. Now the question is, just how well would this entire thing gone down had the home owner been armed?
            Being angry and asking questions is much much different than being seen as a threat. I have and still do encourage questions. The answers might not be the ones you want to hear the answers to, but they are still answers none the less.

    • Bad Santa

      It this was the case we would still be a Colony! Americans hate tyranny and the unjust. Would you resist an unlawful order from police?

    • stevejh69

      Are you serious? Because if you are, then you are a moron! Police do not give orders, unless you are under arrest. Cop needs to be fired, simple.

    • Shawn Rice

      You may be suprised to know that not all orders from a cop are in fact lawfull orders. And ABSOLUTLEY NOT....you are not required to follow all orders. In this case the cop sentensed to several life terms for engaging in sexual activity with people he pulled over would be justified in his orders for both male and females to perform oral sex on him. Are those orders you would follow just because ordered to do do...

  • cuda442 .

    One way to handle this ask for a trial get it acquitted through jury nullification. Also don't sue the city or the police dept. Go after that idiot cop's bond make it hard for him to be insured.

  • Texasooner

    Flood your city counsel meeting and demand that the officer be fired. He is employed by you, the citizens of the city through your mayor or city manager and through the chief of police. Demand his head. Let your mayor/city manager/police chief know in no uncertain terms that this is NOT the way you expect law enforcement to go about their duties in your city.

  • Texasooner

    I'm pretty sure the folks of Enid would expect this officer to drive by, roll down his window, greet the people, then let her know standing (sitting with the car running and in gear) while chatting was fine, but just remind her to please don't actually park there....and thank them for their cooperation. Problem would have been solved, nobody is mad. Small town law enforcement is a very different animal than in a large city with many more problems. Express your views to your hired managers (City Manager, Police Chief) and see that they send word down the chain of command how you expect these situations to be dealt with.

  • Clarence Worley

    The public isn't losing trust in the police. Maybe just the black public. From my experience the general public has never been more supportive.

    • Kech Poly

      You sound like a suspected white supremacist, you think just the black public have problems with police officers that are unjust and racist like you? Now there some good honest white cops who respect black people . So spinning an article to make black people look bad is stupidity hope a white cop does you wrong buddy. You can say to him "BUT WHERE BOTH WHITE YOU SHOULD TREAT ME BETTER I SUPPORT YOU"

    • coloneljames

      Living in bubbles and getting your information from echo chambers will do that.

    • Shawn Rice

      The black public? What an ignorant peice of shit

  • Michael Borawski

    The police do not have to answer questions to guy that has nothing to do with the stop. He is required to talk to the woman in the car. This guy was lucky he didn't get arrested for disorderly conduct. The police officer was calm compared to the nut yelling about paying his salary.

    • Don B

      That citizen was very correct too. Something you need to either remind yourself of, read up or become more knowledgeable about. That same citizen had every RIGHT , to bitch about what was going on. That PIG , doesn't deserve any other term but PIG.

  • Shawn Rice

    What I just watched was pathetic and and affirms why people are disgusted with law enforcment. As a an officer of the law, Im disgusted in the manner in which this officer handled this matter. While he could have pulled over gotten out and said folks how you doing..and then explained the problem...he could have avoided all this. This officer was generating revenue...and sadly guys like him is who get good officers killed in the line of duty.

    Guys lets face it. Bottom line this cop knew he could have used discretion and didnt. This is why he didnt answer the guys question and retreated the way he did. I oversee a group of 68 officers and can affirm that had this been one of mine...we would be discussing how to avoid such a problem in the future. Nor would I suoport the manner in which this was handled. His department bavked his actions which is a clear message to the community. That message is....I WEAR A BADGE...AND CAN KILL YOU...WE FO NOT MAKE MISTAKES....poor poor leadership within this department.

  • Shawn Rice

    This cop was wrong and could have used discretion. He was generating revenue. Officers like this is the key reason good officers die in our country. He was wrong and knew it...this is why he fled and became so violent with the homeowner.

    Also his threat to arrest the man was without justification. The man was 100% correct...the officer works for him and has an obligation to explain himself. Thats the problem with these ignorant cops today...they think they can do anything they want. My father is retired State Trooper and i have many friends in law Enforcment. NONE of them would have handled this matter in this manner. And to threaten a citizen with arrest for approaching him about his concerns, again give good honest cops a bad rap.

    In Texas and a few other states laws have been passed allowing citizens to legally resist an unlawful arrest...UP TO AND INCKUDING THE USE OF FORCE. Could have been a bad day for this clown cop.

  • sean

    Cops are taking over our rights and freedom on this country. I wish that black lives matter would realize that the boys in blue are against all of us, regardless of race. Cops are pulling weapons at the drop of a hat and acting incredibly aggressive. We all need too fight for each other and realize that race isn't the problem, it's the police of America that NEEDS TO CHANGE.