Apr 19

Cop Goes Full Rage On A Group Of KIds At Bike Event

Cop Goes Full Rage On A Group Of KIds At Bike Event

4/6/19 4:00pm Providence Road Island. In a recent viral video posted to Youtube, a Providence Road Island Police Officer berating a group of young men riding bikes. The juveniles are seen on a long 22 minute video not having issues with anyone. The bike meet up event is reportedly a regular occurrence in the town and is seen as a positive to many because it gives the kids something to do. One young man even tries to make that point as the police officer is charging and screaming insults at them.

Things were escalating quickly and the group did what any smart person does in this day and age. They began to record the encounter. This enraged the officer even further. The unidentified police employee begins chasing one filmer. He then proceeds to threaten to arrest him if he crosses an imaginary line on a public street. Essentially the officer was guilty of violating the filmers right to free movement. Especially since the space he was being banned from was the public entrance to a police station.

Thankfully the filmer was a veteran at standing up for his rights. He has a youtube Channel where he does just that on a regular basis.

The officer then calls for back up. He also lies on camera about being harassed by the group when it was him doing the harassment. Once a female officer arrives the situation begins to calm. The angry officer, who at one point called them all "a bunch of punks" refused to identify himself. The female officer, though more rational, still refused to cross the Thin Blue Line and Identify her counterpart. Sadly that means all we have so far is his image, department and his badge number (263).

When this writer contacted the police department via phone I was met with hostility. I asked for the officers identity and the woman that answered the phone said "the department has no comment on that incident". I was then hung up on.

If this video disturbs you, you can contact the police department.

Their Public Facebook page can be found HERE

Their Webpage Can Be Found HERE

Or you can call the department directly at 401-272-3121

Be sure to check out Auditing America's Youtube Channel HERE

Watch the unedited full video of this encounter below.

Remember, filming police is a right. Don't be afraid to exercise that right. Check out The Freedom Paradox's Youtube and Facebook links on sidebar to the right------->

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