May 17

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Cop Assaults EMT; A Failed System Exposed

Back in 2009 the biggest story across the internet was the case of Oklahoma highway patrol offer Daniel Martin pulling over and then assaulting, EMT Maurice White Jr. The case was already reported on dozens of times so I wont bore you again with all of the details. The bottom line is the video put a spotlight on the young trooper that has exposed a history of departmental negligence.

Back in March 1999 to July 2000 Martin served as the chief of police to the small rural town of Fairfax OK.  His service in that town ended with a unanimous vote to have him removed. The town lit up with all sorts of stories when reporters arrived asking about the former Chief. Store clerk Linda Burgess said "yeah I remember him. That's a sore subject around here. He was a bully with an attitude." Longtime Barber shop owner Linda Bevil said "He struck me as a man who probably didn't have any control over any part of his life growing up; someone who needed control and power."

The general feeling was a lack of surprise when the town members were told about the recent incident with the EMT.  Quite the opposite, in fact. Board of trustees member Ted Smith is quoted as saying "I knew he would be famous some day."

October of 2000 Martin was hired by Stillwater police department. He served that department till march of 2007 when he mysteriously moved on to a different department. The Stillwater police chief declined any comment on the officer or his reason for leaving. He cited "Legal restrictions." for his lack of comment.

One can only assume what he did in Stillwater to have his boss not have a single positive remark to say, after 7 years of service. Sadly police have gotten quite skilled at covering things up. With all of the time that has past, the department still to this day will not comment on Martin.

That did not stop the Oklahoma Highway Patrol from hiring him. Sadly for the EMT that became his victim, the long history Martin had was not even save his job. When going up against The Thin Blue Line even an EMT in the process of saving a persons life, is not safe from the public spin. Somehow the department defended Martins actions and blamed the EMT. Maurice White Jr was fired from the Muskogee County EMS in June 2004. Severall lawsuits are still pending on his behalf. They include the Officer and even the EMS service.

Meanwhile, Martin was suspended for 5 days without pay. Not for attacking the EMT, but only for putting the person in the ambulance in life threatening danger.  His use of force with the EMT was ruled justified by the department.

Do you think this menace is done with the spotlight yet?  After his front page fame with FOX and CBS wore off he managed to avoid the spotlight for a whole 5 years. In June of 2014 he made his grand re-appearance with the headline "OK Officer Who Put EMT In Choke Hold Again Under Investigation".

STATTER911 reports:

KOCO-TV has now learned Martin showed an inappropriate adult photo to a fellow trooper at the Cadet Lawmen Academy in Burns Flat in June.

The Cadet Lawmen Academy is a camp for high school seniors who want to learn what it’s like to be a trooper.

Martin was released from the assignment at the academy but remains on duty while an internal investigation is completed.

In the release, OHP public affairs spokesman George Brown said troopers are investigating allegations against trooper Daniel Martin. A complaint filed against Martin states Martin showed the photo, which wasn’t of himself, to a fellow trooper during the first few days of the Cadet Lawman Academy in Burns Flat, Brown said.

A media report earlier this week claimed Martin was under investigation for sexual misconduct involving a child, but Brown refuted those allegations. OHP released its statement after a reporter from KOCO Channel 5, Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate, learned of the allegation and contacted officials, Brown said.

“There have been no allegations of physical contact or direct inappropriate behavior between Trooper Martin and attending members of the Cadet Lawman Academy,” he said, adding the matter was “between peers only.”

So now its a officer with a known violent history, being investigated for being inappropiate with minors left under his care. You would think the department would distance themselves as far from him as possiable. The Thin Blue Line does not even shake in the face of such a person. The department rallied behind him.

The department successfully brushed the latest incident under the rug and closed it with no further coverage or public statements.

Trooper martin now enjoys a job in "Oklahoma's Public Safety Sector" according to his Linkedin profile.

What he actually does is pull people over. There are even Facebook reviews that mention him as recent as March of 2017. When Freedom Paradox members contacted the reviewers with the officers history the response was shock. One reviewer said "WOW, I had no idea".

No one in that town does, I would bet. Its scary to think this bully is armed and walking around with state authorized powers. He is called on in numerous cases to testify and somehow his word is never questioned. This is truly a perfect example of the system failing public interest.

If you would like to tell the department how this officer makes you feel do so on their Facebook page HERE.

If you have a story about this or any other officer submit them to us HERE

We will be adding Officer Daniel Martin to our Wall Of Shame

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