Feb 19

Coatesville Police Profile And Harass Man Because Of Tattoos

Coatesville Police Profile And Harass Man With Tattoos

Officer involved: Badge Number 42 Corporal Jeff Ingemie 

This past week a video was posted on Facebook showing what seemed like a normal traffic stop for a bad tail light. The recording began after the driver provided his paperwork (licence, registration and insurance). The driver was being re-approached by the officer leading the stop. The officer, seemingly not believing the identity of the driver began to threaten to bring him to the station for fingerprinting if he could not remember his social security number.

The strangest part about all of this is that the driver had provided valid state issued identification. The only issue the cop was having..... tattoos. Yes tattoos. The officer even showed his true reasoning when he asks the driver if his tattoos were from a gang.

Tattoos are totally legal. Neck and face tattoos are often seen on artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. It does not make you a criminal.

This stop proved that fact. After all was said and done, they were let go, after a while with the promise of tickets in the mail for the tail lights.

This cop was out of hand. He was determined to escalate a situation based on nothing more than profiling.

Remember his name and badge number when making a complaint. Badge Number 42 Corporal Jeff Ingemie 

If you would like to contact the department to ask why tattoos are a reason to escalate a simple traffic stop, you can do so at (610) 384-2300.

If you prefer to contact their Facebook page you can do so HERE

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Always remember, recording your police encounter is a right. Remain calm and simply position the phone where it can see the entire encounter. Its is better to have recorded and not needed it than to have not recorded and needed it. You have rights. Look up the laws in your area. If you liked this article please share it to your social media. Every share helps us spread the truth. 







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