Sep 18

Conviction Rates For Killer Cops Staggeringly Low

Conviction Rates For Killer Cops Staggeringly Low VOAnews recently reported: WASHINGTON —  The conviction of a Dallas police officer this week on charges of killing an unarmed teenager has stood out for its rarity. Roy Oliver, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday for the killing of 15-year-old high school freshman Jordan […]

Aug 18

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People Nick Sibilla of Forbes recently reported:  In a colorful decision that managed to invoke the Boston Tea Party, Lady Macbeth and Jesus of Nazareth, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruledon Wednesday that feeding the homeless is “expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.” The […]

Sep 17

U.S. Virgin Islands' Governor Orders Seizing Guns, Ammo in Anticipation of Irma

Written by: Nathan Dimoff Governor Kenneth E. Mapp, of the U.S. Virgin Islands, has ordered the territory’s national guard to begin seizing guns and ammunition from citizens in preparation for Hurricane Irma’s landfall to “maintain health, welfare, and safety.” Adjutant General Deborah Howell was instructed in the order signed by the governor “to take whatever […]

May 17

When Modern Technology Meets An Old Soul

Do you know what foreign countries want to control? Do you know what military regimes use to spy, to oppress, and to attack both public and private institutions with? Do you know what law enforcement and intelligence agencies want to mine and monitor? It’s called the World Wide Web. I am sure everyone here has […]

Apr 17

EXCLUSIVE: #Don’tCrucifyOurGeeks

It’s hard to imagine being a part of an experience such as being the center of a classic witch trial: accused by your neighbors of obscure misdeeds, defending yourself against the authorities, suffering an escalating course of torture designed to “loosen your tongue.” Witch hunts lie at the dark heart of Western culture, so much […]

Mar 17

Lawsuit: Louisiana police officer took phone, deleted photo

The original story was posted to the Associated Press on March 29th 2017. It can be found here   “NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A police officer in Louisiana took a woman’s cellphone and deleted a picture from it — without a warrant or her consent — according to a lawsuit she filed Wednesday in federal […]

Feb 17

City Erects Prison Camp For Homeless

Original story written by: Matt Agorist 2/15/17 Santa Ana, CA — The City of Santa Ana has come up with an innovative and despotic way of keeping their homeless population in check — imprison them. The city is now party to a federal lawsuit over unreasonable seizure, false imprisonment, and due process violations. Heading up the lawsuit […]

Feb 17

Impeach Judge Sklarosky for sentencing child molesting cop to 3 months.

Head here to sign petition to get Judge Sklarosky impeached.       This is a deep problem in NEPA that has to be addressed. Corruption, nepotism, and racially/economically unequal sentences. If this Judge wants to impose only a 3 month sentence to a cop who admitted to sexually assaulting an 8 year old while […]

Feb 17

TSA Busted In Massive $100 Million Dollar Cocaine Operation

Orignial story By Jay Syrmopoulos San Juan, Puerto Rico – In a case highlighting the infiltration of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by transnational criminal organizations, twelve current and former TSA officers and airport staff were indicted for allegedly trafficking over 20 tons of cocaine — worth over $100 million — into the U.S. over […]

Feb 17

Former Pennsylvania Cop Given 3 Months For Molestation Charges

This story was originally reported by Joe Dolinski of the Times Leader. WILKES-BARRE — A man who served for two decades as a city police officer was sentenced to three to 24 months in prison Tuesday for sexually assaulting a girl nearly 70 years his junior. Gerald Cookus, 78, of Mayock Street, Wilkes-Barre, admitted to […]