Sep 16


As Americans, we like to point out that have more freedom than most other countries. However, you cannot do the following without government permission:

Own a gun
Build a house
Operate a business
Get married
Get divorced
Sell things
Collect rain water
Feed the homeless
Leave the country
Drive a car

The list can go on and on. You would be hard-pressed to find a single activity that is not somehow regulated and/or monitored by the government.

With all these things we need government permission for, are we truly free?

That is the Freedom Paradox.

Think about it.

We are a group of activists in the Lehigh Valley (and surrounding areas) who have joined forces to expose oath-breakers and  spread the message that "Good Ideas Don't Require Force." We bring attention to our cause by blogging about news stories that impact our freedoms and rights, hosting/joining protests, and being extremely active in our local communities. To get involved and/or keep up with our activities, follow us on Facebook.